About Me

Deva Marie Gregory is a heartfelt and spirited actor and singer. Driven by a deep passion for storytelling and performance, she strives to create relatable and genuine characters with a distinct voice and purpose.

As a native of Washington State, Deva grew up in a family of artists who encouraged her to follow her dream of being a performer. Her father was a jazz musician and photographer, and her mother was a dancer. Whether it was the occasional burst of enthusiastic freeform dance in the kitchen or plunking joyously on the piano, Deva recognized her passion for performance early, and began studying vocal performance at twelve years old.

In the years that followed she competed in classical voice, sang in ensemble groups, and participated frequently in community theatre, preparing for her inevitable relocation to Southern California. In 2013, Deva delivered a memorable performance as Doris Walker in Miracle on 34th Street, for which she was nominated for the Camino Real Playhouse’s “Best Actress” Award. Her talent for finding a unique character voice, connecting with the audience, and delivering a memorable performance sets her apart. Her notable roles include John Worthing in an all female production of The Importance of Being Earnest, Meg in Little Women, Lucy Seward in Dracula, Olivia in Twelfth Night, Chris Gorman in Rumors, Liz Imbrie in The Philadelphia Story, and Madeline in The Women of Lockerbie.

When not performing, Deva can be found gaming, baking, playing with her cats, reading, and writing. She dreams of becoming a voice for children’s animation and empowering female video game characters, and becoming the first American companion on Doctor Who. Above all, Deva seeks to continue to tell meaningful stories through her performances in film, theatre, and voice over.

You can find Deva on Backstage and Actors Access.